Wednesday, November 20, 2019
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About Us

India has often been described as an amalgamation of different cultures.  Is there a central idea, a value that forms the high point in human thought that brings together several forces, a guiding principle that can be said to represent our civilization?  We found that the answer is present everywhere, waiting only to be presented properly, and we came to see it as Bhaarateeyata.

This is a News, infotainment, and lifestyle satellite channel that intends to present a discourse constructively, report responsibly, interpret facts truthfully irrespective of media trends or biases, educate and entertain thoughtfully and awaken and provoke citizens of the country towards realizing the nation’s place in the world, culturally, socially, spiritually, economically, and scientifically.

NEWS.  Our editorial policy will stand on initiating a positive discourse, balanced presentation, and to stay away from undue sensationalism.  Areas of focus will revolve around Bhaarateeyata and issues of national importance will receive priority.  We would strive to be objective in reporting.

Indian civilization is best known for giving spirituality to the world and we take it upon us to present it in the modern context to the current generation.

Modern lifestyles and socioeconomic realities have altered mankind in a direction that is eroding the essence of human nature. We want to use our channel to reawaken the spirit of human relations in several contexts from a buyer-seller, parent-child, government-citizen, teacher-student to siblings and friends.

A civilization is as much about its edifices as it is about its spirit.  Cultural symbols and heritage that allow us a window into our soul as a civilization and nation are a great source for expression of Bhaarateeyata. It is our mission to explore, conserve, and protect those symbols of our civilization that are intrinsic to this nation and is one of our chief goals.

We have identified target segments to communicate effectively, through special programming for children, youth, women, and senior citizens.